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Aluminium roller shutters

Perfect for places where short opening and closing times are required.



Industrial roller shutters are roll up doors which open and close using a vertical roll-up system, especially suited for areas with a frequent passage of pedestrians and goods, without slowing traffic or interrupting day-to-day operations.


The strenghts of this product, which deserve to be highlighted, are the sturdy and durable curtain, the low maintenance required and the reduction of heating consumption.


These doors are characterized by a 10-mm-thick double aluminium panel with polyurethane foam inside, in order to provide greater insulation when the door is closed.


Moreover, the presence of oversized mechanical parts contributes to the durability of the door.

To ensure greater safety, the door slowly opens and closes thanks to an adjustable speed frequency inverter inside the control panel.


Thanks to our technology and the industrial self-braking three-phases electric geared motor with easy settable rotating limit switch, our doors ensure a slow vertical opening and the consequential closure. In case of power failure, hand-rising operation is allowed by a handle at the bottom of the motor. 


  • Efficiency, reliability and durability

  • Security functions

  • Thermal insulation

  • Minimal maintenance 

  • Cost savings   

  • Wide range of finishes, colors, and window options available


Typically, high speed roller shutters are designed for intensive daily use in working environments with a frequent coming and going of individuals and vehicles and are used in areas concerned about climate control and/or hygiene, such as: 

  • Car garages

  • Food factories

  • Logistic warehouses

  • Large-scale distribution

  • Aircraft hangers

  • Garage doors

  • Car parks

  • Agriculture buildings

  • Busy work yards with lots of traffic.



For what concerns its design, maximum attention has been given to safety regulations, in order to avoid the door closing at the same time that people and/or goods are transiting. In fact, on the bottom of the curtain, the last horizontal aluminum bar is coated with an electro-conductive rubber edge and an infrared photocells device allows the detection of people and/or goods passing through, regulating the stop of the closing movement and ordering the immediate re-opening of doors.


Furthermore, in case of absence of electricity, the manual override can be activated. 



  • FRAMEWORK: it is zinc-plated, with a rolling cylinder made of painted steel installed on ball bearings.

  • LATERAL RUNNERS: with the “U” shape made of zinc-plated steel with co-extruded PVC; the “U” shaped vertical sections are located at the sides of the door allowing the curtain to slide up and down securely.

  • PANEL: the panel is made of aluminium staves with expanded polyurethane foam inside. The colour of staves can be: silver RAL9006 (outside) / white RAL9010 (inside). On each stave there are nylon sliders against wear and tear.


  • BOTTOM PROFILE: is made of extruded aluminum with no-frost EPDM rubber profile touching the floor.

  • MOTOR: a self-braking three-phases geared compact motor is positioned at the top of the door and powers all the mechanical components of the shutter. Hand-rising operation in case of power failure is allowed by a handle at the bottom of the motor. 

  • SPEED: opening speed up to 0,2 m/s; closing speed 0,1 m/s.

  • CONTROL PANEL: the electrical control panel has a frequency inverter which allows the door to slowly open and close. 

  • SAFETY LIGHT CURTAIN: with criss-crossed infrared beams and self-blanking function while closing. It allows the detection of objects and pedestrians on the way of the door then it generates an opening command before a possible danger can comes up.



All our doors comply with rule EN 13241-1.



  • Remote controller for radio opening

  • Microwave motion detector 

  • Floor detector of metal objects

  • Metal arm with pulling rope

  • Red/green light connected to the status of the door for managing doorways


Our roller shutters are fully customizable in materials, colors and accessories, tailor-made in order to meet any Customer’s needs. 


All the doors are also customizable with windows and transparent portholes in PVC for greater brightness in the rooms.


We attach great importance to the fundamental characteristics of our company: the constant technological development and the high-quality materials used for all doors.

OCM industrial roller shutters


900 GR/SQM



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Microwave radar
Metal Detector
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