Dock Shelter

Dock shelter

Perfect for places where short opening and closing times are required.

Dock shelters represent the ideal solution to seal the space between the building and the vehicle. 

They protect goods and people during the loading and unloading process against external influences. In fact, they preserve products from outside contaminants and bad weather, creating ideal working conditions.

Furthermore, dock shelters allow to maintain internal temperature levels and they also help you to cut down on energy costs, by reducing the amount of heat or cold lost when the door is open during docking.

The frame
The steel frame and the reinforced curtain materials results in a sturdy and long-lasting structure.
The polyester with PVC coating top and side curtains automatically press against the vehicle, providing optimal sealing. Moreover, the top part ensure the drainage of rainwater so that workers and goods are protected.
Even in case of extreme wind conditions, the curtain stays in place thanks to an efficient wind protection system.

Each dock shelter has its own features: it is designed for a specific use and developed with various widths and heights.

Transparent curtain material for more daylight and greater working safety
PVC curtain material in different colors available
Height and/or width adjusted to fit larger or smaller vehicles

Optimal sealing between buildings and vehicles
Versatile and reliable
Protection of goods and workers from external contaminants and bad weather
Reduction of the company’s carbon footprint
Effective and durable
Cost savings
Wide range of materials and options

Our dock shelters are fully customizable in materials, colors and options, tailor-made in order to meet any Customer’s needs.

We attach great importance to the fundamental characteristics of our company: the constant technological development and the high-quality materials used for all doors.


900 GR/SQM



Control Panel T500-7
Push Button
Radio Command
Microwave radar
Metal Detector
Catalogo Generale
Brochure Self-Repairing Doors
Catalogo High Speed Doors
RT High Speed Doors

Product applications

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