Polyurethane Swing Doors

Polyurethane Swing Doors

Perfect for places where short opening and closing times are required.

Polyurethane swing doors provide a reliable and though solution for building doorways, designed to separate different working environments without limiting the heavy flow of traffic. This type of door opens in both directions and closes automatically, thanks to the hinged system.

The panel is made up by 40 mm thick high-density polyurethane, realized with white pre-painted sheet and manufactured by pressing. 

We also offer a version realized with stainless steel leaf, always injected with polyurethane.

The frame is in anodized aluminium resistant to chemical products, which allows to avoid corrosion and ensure perfect cleaning and hygiene.

Polyurethane swing doors can be provided with additional items such as transparent portholes and bumpers. Each leaf is equipped with a plexiglass porthole or, on request, with a double-glazed porthole.

Ideal solution for frequent traffic areas
Automatic closing
Way of eliminating dust and noise
Sound and thermal insulation
High visibility transparent sections, with optional PVC windows
Many different models available
Minimum ongoing maintenance required.

The ideal application is for separating areas with a frequent coming and going of people and vehicles, such as:
Changing areas
Cold stores
Clean rooms
Commercial kitchens
Food processing and preparation areas.

Our polyurethane swing doors are fully customizable in materials, colors and accessories, tailor-made in order to meet any Customer’s needs.

All the doors are also customizable with windows and transparent portholes in PVC for greater brightness in the rooms.

We attach great importance to the fundamental characteristics of our company: the constant technological development and the high-quality materials used for all doors.


900 GR/SQM



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Push Button
Radio Command
Microwave radar
Metal Detector
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