PVC Strip Doors

Strip Doors

PVC - Vinyl Strip Curtain Doors

Strip doors are designed for industrial doorways in any working environment, suitable for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas.

They allow two-way vision and ease of access with complete transparency, maximizing the space. Moreover, PVC strip curtains help prevent heat and cold loss in temperature-controlled environments and offer hands-free access for internal and external use.

Strip curtains are manufactured with crystal clear PVC, ensuring that traffic is visible on both sides in order to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace.

The strips are tough, flexible and can withstand repeated impacts from fork lifts, other vehicles and workers.

By sliding clamp bolts into a stainless or aluminium track, each PVC strip is individually hung making it easy to replace them in case of accidental damage.

PVC strip doors are the perfect solution for both internal and external openings with high motorised and pedestrian traffic flow.

They create easy hands-free access, a high-strength barrier that allows thermal insulation and reduces air, noise and dust pollution between all working environments.

Strip curtains can be used in supermarkets and commercial kitchens where high hygiene standards are required and in refrigerator trucks because the curtain can withstand the constant loading and unloading processes connected to daily distribution operations and, at the same time, maintain the proper temperature during the transport.

Suitable for both pedestrian and motorised traffic areas
Hands-free access
Improved visibility
Access in both directions
Thermal insulation
Way of eliminating dust and noise
Easy to maintain and replace

These doors can be installed in many workplaces, such as:
distribution centres
commercial kitchens
clean rooms
cold stores
refrigerator trucks

Our PVC strip doors are fully customizable in materials, colors and accessories, tailor-made in order to meet any Customer’s needs.

All the doors are also customizable with windows and transparent portholes in PVC for greater brightness in the rooms.

We attach great importance to the fundamental characteristics of our company: the constant technological development and the high-quality materials used for all doors.


900 GR/SQM



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