High speed Fold-up Doors

High Speed Fold up Doors

Perfect for places where short opening and closing times are required.


OCM fold up doors are high speed doors, designed for intensive daily use, specifically created in order to facilitate the swift and safe flow of both vehicles and individuals between the different working environments. 

This important and advantageous characteristic comes from another fundamental aspect: thanks to our technology and the industrial self-braking three-phases electric geared motor, our doors ensure a fast vertical opening with a fold-up movement and the consequential closure.

The gear motor moves and controls the action of the flexible curtain, made of polyester fabric covered by PVC and equipped with horizontal reinforcement bars which provide a high level of resistance to wind load, weather conditions and excessive stress.

High operational speed when opening and closing makes it possible to limit heat and refrigeration losses, both in winter and summer; so a great thermal insulation together with the acoustic one guarantee economic savings in terms of air-conditioning and the improvement of the whole working environment.

This kind of high speed doors is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor environment, for areas of mid-sized and large dimensions, due to its sturdiness and solidity.


  • Quick movement and rapidity in transiting between both working environments and outdoor/indoor areas
  • Security functions  
  • Fluidity, safety, reliability
  • Resistance  
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation 
  • Minimal maintenance  
  • Cost savings  
  • Wide range of finishes, colors, and window options available


OCM fold up doors are designed for intensive daily use, the perfect solution for all kind of industries, for internal and external applications

They are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces and for areas of mid-sized and large dimensions.   

Our folding doors can be installed in industrial, commercial and food production and distribution areas, and some can be suitable for special applications such as cold rooms and car washes.                        

Rapid fold up doors reduce heating consumption, require low maintenance and ensure high-speed operation, durability and resistance.   

  • Industry
  • Cold room
  • Car wash 
  • Logistic
  • Retail 
  • Supermarket
  • Food store
  • Shipyard.


  • UPPER FRAMEWORK: made of steel for a high mechanical strength, with a rolling shaft already installed inside the framework and mounted on ball bearing to decrease friction while rotating. 
  • SIDE RUNNERS: with brushes made of soft nylon installed laterally in order to reduce friction with the flexible curtain.
  • MOTOR: thanks to our technology and the industrial self-braking three-phases electric geared motor with easy settable rotating limit switch, our doors ensure a fast vertical opening and the consequential closure. The gear motor moves and controls the action of the flexible curtain.
  • CURTAIN: the flexible curtain is made of polyester fabric covered by PVC with high traction strength either in warp and weft. 
  • LIMIT SWITCH: easy to setup and available with 2 or 4 cams.
  • PHOTOCELLS: with infrared beam technology, easy to install and to replace. 
  • WIRELESS SYSTEM: supplied with batteries that last 1 years.


For what concerns its design, maximum attention has been given to safety regulations, so that doors stop closing if there is the simultaneous transit of people and/or goods through two effective solutions: 1) on the bottom of the curtain, the last horizontal aluminium bar is coated with an electro-conductive rubber edge; 2) an infrared photocells device allows the detection of people and/or goods passing through. Both these apparatus regulate the stop of the closing movement and order the immediate re-opening of doors.

Furthermore, in case of absence of electricity, the manual override can be activated. 


All our doors comply with rule EN 13241-1.


  • Remote controller for radio opening
  • Microwave motion detector 
  • Floor detector of metal objects
  • Metal arm with pulling rope
  • Bottom safety edge sensitive to press ion
  • Red/green light connected to the status of the door for managing doorways

Our rapid fold up doors are fully customizable in materials, colors and accessories, tailor-made in order to meet any Customer’s needs. 

All the doors are also customizable with windows and trasparenti portholes in PVC for greater brightness in the rooms.

We attach great importance to the fundamental characteristics of our company: the constant technological development and the high-quality materials used for all doors.



900 GR/SQM



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