Flexible Pvc swing doors

Flexible swing doors

Perfect for places where short opening and closing times are required.


Flexible crash doors provide a reliable and though solution for building doorways, designed to separate different working environments without limiting the heavy flow of traffic.

They are especially suited for areas with a frequent coming and going of individuals, goods and vehicles; moreover, they represent a practical option of eliminating dust and noise, improving then working areas conditions.

The strengths of this product, which deserve to be highlighted, are the flexibility and the robustness of the curtain, the heat and chilled air retention in all environments and the low maintenance required.

The metallic framework can be made of stainless, galvanized or painted steel and the transparent PVC, coloured PVC or black rubber curtain is available in different versions with the possibility of inserting transparent sections, thanks to optional PVC windows.

Regarding their operation, there are two different models:
with manual opening (by pushing in either direction, swing door type) and a spring mechanism which causes the door to close automatically;
equipped with a pneumatic open-close system with automatic functioning.

They are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including food industries, warehouses, supermarkets, cold stores and clean rooms.

Ideal solution for areas where frequent traffic is required
Flexibility and robustness of the curtain
Flexible PVC/rubber curtain
Way of eliminating dust and noise
High visibility transparent sections, with optional PVC windows
Many different models available
Minimum ongoing maintenance required
Shock-resistant double framework
Automatic closing with springs

These doors can be installed in many workplaces, such as:
Food preparation areas
Retail units
Cold stores
Clean rooms
Post offices

Manual opening and automatic closing through springs. Two ways opening.
Automatic opening through a pneumatic cylinder and spring operated closing. An electrical control panel controls the doors accepting a wide range of opening devices. Opening is by one way only.
Automatic opening through a pneumatic cylinder and spring operated closing. Opening is commanded by pressing one leaf of the curtain. Two ways opening.

Completely transparent PVC
Upper part in transparent PVC and lower part in coloured PVC, welded together
Upper and lower parts in coloured PVC and central part in transparent PVC, all welded together
Completely coloured PVC with round transparent porthole
Upper part in transparent PVC and lower part in ribbed rubber, stuck together
Central part in transparent PVC and upper and lower parts in ribbed rubber, all stuck together

All our doors comply with rule EN 13241-1.

Our flexible swing doors are fully customizable in materials, colors and accessories, tailor-made in order to meet any Customer’s needs.
All the doors are also customizable with windows and transparent portholes in PVC for greater brightness in the rooms.
We attach great importance to the fundamental characteristics of our company: the constant technological development and the high-quality materials used for all doors.


Configuration of leaves


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