Production of industrial doors and high speed doors: high-speed folding doors, fast action rolling doors, flexible crash doors, polyethylene doors, pvc strip curtains, partition walls, bulk flexible plastic, road barriers and welding screens.

High speed roll-up doors

The high speed roll-up door opens rolling up and down in a matter of seconds facilitating rapid access to and from workplaces where speed is a necessity.

High speed zip doors

They represent the ideal solution for work areas where high hygienic standards are required :
Thanks to their high operating speed they allows to divide work environments quickly and flexibly.

High speed self repairing doors

This model of high speed door is supplied with a self-repairing system offering you a safe product: in case of impact the system allows a reduction of the jams and redirection operation post-collision.

High speed roller shutters

The fast version of a standard roller shutter door is a robust product that withstand constant use and weather conditions , ideally suited to protect commercial and industrial premises.

High speed fold-up doors

The fold-up model opens vertically to the top by a pack-away system , perfect for large openings in outdoor applications ensuring superb weather resistance.

High speed roll-up freezer doors

This door offers excellent thermal insulation in all kinds of cold storages and areas with temperature difference: limiting the loss of cool air and increasing refrigeration effinciency it saves energy.