High speed Roll-up Freezer Doors

High Speed Roll up Freezer Doors

Perfect for places where short opening and closing times are required.

OCM high speed roll-up freezer doors are high speed roll-up doors which represent the ideal solution for the swift and frequent flow of both vehicles and people, thanks to the high speed of opening and closure: all that in a safe, silent and reliable way.
They are especially designed for low-temperature environments, such as cold storage and freezers, where environmental control is required, in terms of both temperature and humidity.
Our high speed freezer doors eliminate frost build-up, minimize temperature variations and save energy; at the same time, resistance to wind is guaranteed too and it is important to mention both thermic and acoustic insulation, assured by avoiding any air entering the entire perimeter.
The structure is made of stainless steel with a heating system on side runners which generates heat, preventing the creation of ice and allowing the curtain to easily slide up and down. These doors are equipped with several heating elements which ensure the correct operation of the whole system, even in cold environments reaching a temperature of -25°.

High opening speed
Suitable for cold environments reaching a temperature of -25°
Equipped with low temperature options and several heating elements
Extreme thermal insulation
Cost savings
Security functions
Minimal maintenance
Wide range of finishes, colors, and window options available

OCM high speed roll-up freezer doors are primarily designed for refrigeration industry applications with low-temperature areas; they are suitable for different sectors:
Cold-room storage
Food industry
Food service
Businesses which require cold warehouses

UPPER FRAMEWORK: made of stainless steel for a high mechanical strength, with a heating system inside which generates heat to avoid the creation of ice or frost. Additionally, a sensor inside the upper framework and a digital thermostat on the control panel allow to control the temperature.
SIDE RUNNERS: with heating elements in order to prevent the creation of ice or frost. The heating is provided by special resistances protected by metallic tubes.
MOTOR: thanks to our technology and the industrial self-braking three-phases electric geared motor with easy settable rotating limit switch, our doors ensure a fast vertical opening and the consequential closure. A heating wire is placed between the windings of the motor and it keeps the motor warm.
CURTAIN: the flexible curtain is made of polyester fabric covered by PVC with high traction strength either in warp and weft. It is equipped with horizontal reinforcement bars which provide a high level of resistance to mechanical stresses.
FLOOR: a heating wire can be placed on the floor, preventing the curtain from being stuck to the floor by the frost.
CONTROL PANEL: with a heating element placed inside which keeps the control panel warm at the optimal working temperature and avoids it from failures due to low temperatures.
PHOTOCELLS: with infrared beam technology, easy to install and to replace and safe even in presence of ice and frost.
TIMER: it prevents the mechanical components from freezing and sticking one to each other.

For what concerns its design, maximum attention has been given to safety regulations, in order to avoid the door closing at the same time that people and/or goods are transiting. In fact, on the bottom of the curtain, the last horizontal aluminium bar is coated with an electro-conductive rubber edge and an infrared photocells device allows the detection of people and/or goods passing through, regulating the stop of the closing movement and ordering the immediate re-opening of doors.
Furthermore, in case of absence of electricity, the manual override can be activated.


900 GR/SQM



Control Panel T500-7
Push Button
Radio Command
Microwave radar
Metal Detector
Catalogo Generale
Brochure Self-Repairing Doors
Catalogo High Speed Doors
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