Strip Curtains

OCM industrial roller shutters


INDUSTRIAL ROLLER SHUTTERS Choose our industrial roller shutters for secure and durable closure in commercial and industrial applications: they offer unique design, security, high quality of operation and a wide range of customisation possibilities.  Our industrial roller shutters are widely used in warehouses, shops, garages, fully customisable in size, colour and finish, designed to offer strong […]


High speed fold-up door

High speed fold up doors

Our high-speed fold-up doors can be used to close large compartments, where there is a need to withstand intensive use and to provide maximum resistance even in the event of exposure to adverse weather conditions.Our folding doors for large openings ensure high opening and closing speed, reliability, security and energy efficiency. They find application in

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Strip Curtains

Strip curtains are the cheapest and most practical solution to separate different areas with high pedestrian and motorised traffic. They can be used inside, outside or even inside cold stores in the low temperatures version. The pvc strip curtains are the perfect barrier against smoke, dust, noise and heat losses resulting in important energy and

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