Benefits of high-speed industrial doors

Industrial High-Speed Doors are the optimal solution for companies in the industrial and commercial sector that aim to improve the logistical working environment due to the many benefits that high-speed industrial doors can offer.

high-speed INDUSTRIAL doors
high-speed INDUSTRIAL doors
  • Improved working environment

    High-speed doors are designed to operate at considerably higher speeds compared to standard slower doors so they help increase your business productivity, allowing workers to come and go simply and swiftly.

  • Energy saving

    Our high-speed doors are greatly energy efficient because, thanks to their high-speed operation, the amount of time the door remains open is reduced in order to minimise heat or cool air lost, maintain steady temperature and save energy.

  • High security

    Whatever type of high-speed door you choose, workplace security will be significantly increased. Security is a fundamental aspect and our high-speed doors, being extremely durable and realized with high-quality materials, represent a premium choice for keeping your business secure.

  • Easy to clean and to maintain

    Having easy-to-clean doors is paramount to so many businesses, especially where hygiene is a top priority and our doors with PVC curtains can withstand cleaning agents, making it simple and fast to have them properly clean. Our high-speed doors are almost maintenance-free, valuable and durable but if you should ever have a problem with them, repairs are fast and efficient.

  • Custom-made with great options

    At OCM Doors, every door we install is tailor-made in order to meet any requirements of the environment the door is due to operate in. We offer a wide range of different finishes, colours, accessories and options to fully satisfy all Customers’ needs.