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Industrial doors EN13241/1

European standard EN-13241-1has been voted and published on 1 May 2005.

These standards are based on the essential Health  and Safety requirements in the construction products directive.

They cover industrial, commercial and garage doors & gates, whether designed for manual or power operation.

Below some of the basic safety requirements:

.safeguarding against dropping of vertical operating door leaves
.resistance to wind load
.dangerous substances
.uncontrolled movements of vertically operating door leaves
.unintentional movements due to wind etc.
.closing gaps
.precaution for transparent surfaces
.installation and use
.crushing, shearing, drawing-in, impact
.lifting people
.source of energy
.change over to manual operation
.forces exerted by the door

ICIM s.p.a. Milan, identitynumber CE 0425, is the notified organisation that has verified and established that OCM doors are corresponding the european standard of security and safety.

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